Sunday, January 23, 2005


The Poem “WORDS” by Angela Manalang Gloria(1915-1996). “She is essentially a lyric poet voicing her moods and desires in musical, singing stanzas.” This concise Poem is about how one may say so many things except what one truly wants to say. This poem is very meaningful to me because I find myself stuck in so many situations wherein cannot bring myself to say what I truly feel.

Marie Elizabeth Marguerite Lopez Aguirre

Angela Manalang Gloria

I never meant the words I said,
trouble not your honest head
And never mean the words I write,
But come and kiss me now goodnight.

The words I said break with the thunder
Of billows surging into spray:
Unfathomed depths withhold the wonder
Of all the words I never say.



Anonymous said...

This poem is about saying many things to someone, and never meaning anything but the desire for that someone to show affection for you. Some of your thoughts may not also be heard, but in them lie the "wonders" of your feelings, deep, full, and passionate. Words were not enough to express the gentleness, or otherwise the intensity of emotion. In my opinion, the persona just sees words as a limitation... beyond that limitation is where the true ma=eaning lies.

-Marvin Pedregosa

Sofia Ma. Isabel O. Mathay said...

I like this poem very much. It's simple yet it has so much meaning. Words are very powerful it can express your hidden emotions if only uttered. Words with passion and sincerity can go a long way. It can change everything your goals, dreams, aspirations even your destiny. This poem actually made me realize that there are moments in life that one should not just allow to slip away. Every moment should be treasured and experienced without any regrets.

Jim said...

This reminds me of one of my favorite song “When you say nothing at all.” The persona does not mean the words that he/she says or writes, yet the emotion was there. Words are too plain and limited to express the extent of love that the persona has to his/her beloved. The said words “break with the thunder,” which means that they are heard by the ears and not by the heart. In the poem, deeper are the unsaid. There lies more meaning because the “wonders” of love are felt rather than just heard or read.
--Neil Jameson Sta. Isabel

Ralph said...

This speaks to me because I sometimes cannot bring myself to really phrase what I want to say to people. I vent out understatements, withholding me of that "wonder" of coming clean with what I have in mind. I admit abusing that "filter" in my head too much by actually mistaking it for my own timidity sometimes. Personally, I like the poem (Liz has a thing for short ones..haha) for its simplicity and the fact that it made me ponder on some of my experiences where I had a wearying time disclosing my true feelings but eventually did it anyway.

---> Ralph Mendoza

Anonymous said...

hmmm... deeply defines the word "WORD".