Sunday, January 23, 2005

Beyond Forgetting

Rolando A. Carbonell, PhD. has received several awards worldwide for his poems and published 5,000 haikus and 101 sonnets. He is the Philippine’s leading love-poet and one of his most popular poems. Is entitled “Beyond Forgetting” The persona describes how difficult it is for him/her to forget his/her beloved and they got separated because the beloved mistook the persona’s silence as indifference. Now, the persona is hoping to get his/her loved one back because only then will things be perfect. This poem is very touching and meaningful to me since it speaks about how powerful true love is and how hard it is to recover and forget a relationship. It also shows, that in a relationship, it is important to express and reaffirm your feelings once in a while.
Jessica Evangelista

Rolando A. Carbonell

For a moment I thought I could forget you.
For a moment I thought I could still the restlessness in my heart. I thought the past could no longer haunt me—nor hurt me. How wrong I was!

For the past, no matter how distant, is as much a part of me as life itself. And you are part of that life. You are so much a part of me—of my dreams, my early hopes, my youth and my ambitions—that in all my tasks I can’t help remembering you. Many little delights and things remind me of you.

Yes, I came. And would my pride mock my real feelings? Would the love song, the sweet and lovely smile on your face, be lost among the deepening shadows?

I have wanted to be alone.
I thought I could make myself forget you in silence and in song...And yet I remembered. For who could forget the memory of the once lovely, the once happy world such as ours?

I came because the song that I kept through the years is waiting to be sung. I cannot sing it without you. The song when sung alone will lose the essence of its tune, because you and I had been one.

I have wanted this misery to end, because it is part of my restlessness. Can’t you understand? Can’t you divine the depth and the tenderness of my feelings towards you? Yes, can’t you see how I suffer in this even darkness without you?

You went away because you mistook my silence for indifference. But silence, my dear, is the language of my heart. How could I essay the intensity of my love when silence speaks a more eloquent tone? But, perhaps, you didn’t understand...

Remember, I came because the gnawing loneliness is there and will not be lost until the music is sung, until the poem is heard, until the silence is understood....until you come to me again.

For you alone can blend the music and memory into one consuming ecstasy. You alone...



Anonymous said...

I love this poem. So much emotions is in it. The persona is honest to herself and doesnt deny her true feelings. Sometimes we think that we can move on so easily but it isnt so. Our heart will always crave for the happines that was once there. If our heart gets broken, it will never be mended. There will be a scar in our heart that will remind us of those beautiful days. Even if we try so hard to forget it will always remain in our hearts and minds and only that same person can cure the broken heart. (cheasy but least for me.) :D

--melinda p. yoingco, I-BS Comtech

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this poem because I sense in it so much passion. Indeed love can be so strong that it can live forever even
in the absence of the beloved.

-Melissa Santiago R16

Anonymous said...

I really like this poem because it talks about the long-lasting effect of love on someone. It is hard to forget the one you love and just throw away your relationship. You have given and invested so much and now you're back to zero. It is hard to start all over again. Also, i like this poem because it speaks of silence as a language of the heart. Sometimes, I can't find the right words to say what I feel so i just keep quiet and wait for those words to enter my mind and when that time comes, i break my silence and starts speaking what's inside my heart.

*Kristine Valenzuela*

Ralph said...

I especially liked the last line.

"For you alone can blend the music and memory into one consuming ecstasy. You alone..."

I mean... I would actually want to say that to someone I really love. I really would. The poem is somewhat like a letter also. It kind of induces a fuzzy feeling. Ha. Reading the author's background and how much of a love-poet he is, I foresaw the semi-cheesyness of the poem. But all in all, it goes straight to the heart. I acknowledge how the persona deems that to forget a relationship and the pulsating ardor behind it is very difficult.

--> Ralph Mendoza