Sunday, January 23, 2005

The Willow Branch

Paul Kekai Manansala [Born Nov. 26, 1959 at AngelesCity] is an independent researcher with numerousarticles on history and prehistory in popular,academic and peer review publications."*I found his poem "The Willow Branch" quite captivatingbecause of its blend of surrealistic and naturalimagery to convey its message.

Michael Chua

Paul Kekai Manansala

As the willow branch
you are an example of grace
alluringly you enhance the view
giving life to the space around you
Casually you radiate
an aura of loveliness
to eyes fortunate enough to see.
Bending with the gentle swaying breezes
of narcotic beauty
Your allure sends me to a different world
where rivers flow with milk
and streams with honey.
I see you in a dream
of charged mists.
In an hypnotic haze
you subtly seduce my senses
My nose with the scent of your spice
and my eyes with your bewitching vision
My eyes could rest with satisfaction
my senses with the knowledge
that they have seen true beauty.
But your fire still burns in me
driving me with the belief
that the willow branch I must possess.

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Anonymous said...

I am struck by the last part of possessiveness.. it speaks of true pssion, but true love? hmm.. that's uncertain

Wanda Madarang R16

Anonymous said...

I have one adjective for the persona: SHALLOW! I'm sure that what the persona is feeling is infatuation, not true love.

Anonymous said...

If i were to describe the persona, i'd say he's very SHALLOW. I'm sure that what the persona is feeling is infatuation and not true love

-Joeffrey Barrios Jr.