Sunday, January 23, 2005

Lyric 17

Poet, critic, short story writer, and painter, JoseGarcia Villa was a consummate artist in poetry and inperson as well. In this poem, the persona can nolonger feel and appreciate the simple joys in lifebecause in the last line, he states that he is dead.This poem is meaningful to me because the death heredoesn’t have to be physical. It could be that thepersona is very much alive physically but inside,there’s no more life. Meaning, the persona can nolonger find any inspiration, motivation or reason for living.

Jeoffrey Barrios Jr.

Jose Garcia Villa

I can no more hear Love’s
Voice. No more moves
The mouth of her. Birds
No more sing. Words
I speak return lonely.
Flowers I pick turn ghostly.
Fire that I burn glows
Pale. No more blows
The wind. Time tells
No more truth. Bells
Ring no more in me.
I am all alone singly.
Lonely rests my head.
—O my God! I am dead.



elizab_a said...

I find this poem very depressing, yet it is written in a manner that draws me to it. I am drawn at the fact that to this man/woman, without love, life has no meaning. Without love's voice, he is alone. It is true. Love gives one a reason to enjoy the beauties of the world. It gives a reason to look forward to the next day. Without it, everything is bleak and colorless.
---> Marie Elizabeth Marguerite Lopez Aguirre

Anonymous said...

i like the poem structure. it's unique in a way that the lines are broken down but even if they are, the poem still makes complete sense and it's able to convey what it wants to say.
- annalou maxine l. pagador

Anonymous said...

I believe that author intentionally chose to use depressing words to add to the effect of the poem. Although it is successful in its deliverance, the message conveyed could truly make one feel.. sad.

-Michael A. Chua