Monday, January 24, 2005

Velvety Rain

Jose Antonio Cangco is from the Philippine Islands. He was brought up as a Catholic and studied high school and college under the Jesuits at the Ateneo de Manila University. He self-published a book of poetry and at the moment is running his own business. His book of poetry is composed of love poems. In this particular poem, the persona is talking with someone who has lost hope in love and in life. I like this poem because of its simplicity and its message: to love again.

Ceferinio G. Luta III

Jose Antonio Cangco

Listening to the rainfall,
I heard your footsteps coming,
A faint whisper in the hall,
As soft as echoes fading.
You told me your life's story -
Your past, your dreams, and your fears,
Your childhood of worry free,
While today is filled with tears.
You have one hope, I advise,
And that is to love again,
You may then say paradise
Is velvety falling rain.



Jessica Lace said...

This poem fits those who have lost their hope and faith in love. One’s journey in life is always filled with trials but one should never lose hope especially when it comes to loving. The persona is right in saying that one must learn how to love again because only then will one feel eternity. Love is a sweet thing and one should never give up on it. -Jessica Lace

vix said...

Because of the rainfall in the background, I feel as if the persona is not anticipating the arrival of this stranger who reveals to him her life’s story. The image of velvety rain is able to do three things: It 1) evokes a mysterious, almost “exotic” atmosphere (from the color velvet), 2) create a dismal, yet contemplative mood (from the image of rain) and 3) generates the feeling of anticipation, or “hope” in this poem (again, from the image of rain- because after a rain shower, environment becomes generally fresh and new again). Thus, I believe that the central image of velvety rain is able to provide the appropriate mood for the dramatic situation of the poem.

-Victoria Hernandez R16

Anonymous said...

To me, this poem speaks about 'loving after losing'. Love is a complex emotion, it is deeply intertwined with many of one's own memories. In the poem, I was able to sense a feeling of silent despair and yet, there was a tiny hint of anticipation. I also like how the poem looks to the future (a new love).

-Michael A. Chua