Monday, January 24, 2005

Desert Becoming

Jose Antonio Cangco is a Filipino poet who is a Management graduate from the Ateneo de Manila University. Now, his collections of love poetry can be found all over the Internet. In Desert Becoming, one of Cangco’s poems, the persona is trying to tell his friend how special she is to him. He is also expressing his gratitude for all the times she has stayed with him and at the same time giving her a promise of trust and love in the future. This poem is meaningful to me because it speaks of the security and assurance one can get and can give when in a relationship. It reminds me of the fact that everyone needs someone who would complement his being. –

Kristine Valenzuela

Jose Antonio Cangco

In this forgotten land
You are my only friend,
A girl who holds my hand
When I try to pretend;

Someone like you so near,
Always my first, my last,
You've come to make it clear
To live my sordid past.

I would like to express
My thanks with little words,
In some ways I profess,
Small words go best in hordes.

It's I who will believe,
For many times I've seen,
You grow up and then give,
Your trust in things unseen.


vix said...

In life, there are instances wherein one feels as if he may be living in a desert, devoid of human contact. In this poem, the author expresses that even though the world may seem bleak during trying moments, he is thankful that he has somebody who will be there for him through thick and thin. Despite “living in a desert” he trusts in things unseen, which may refer to the abstract concept of love, which despite its invisibility is invincible. According to the persona, he uses little words to express his love for his partner, which for me, reinforces the statement that the use of grandiloquent words won’t necessarily guarantee a successful relationship.

- Victoria Hernandez R16

Anonymous said...

My attention was caught by this poem just because it RHYMES!! There are very few poets who write with rhyme and meter nowadays! This poem is the kind that everyone could relate with. it speaks of the poet being able to conquer all his problems, just because he has this best friend by his side. :)
-Thea CUaso

Anonymous said...

i like this peom because it's so simple yet so sincere. it's not like other romantic poems with so much imagery. i like how the poem slowly impresses upon me senses of security, admiration , and everlasting gratitude.

-luigi singson R16

Ralph said...

As I was reading it, I had in mind my girlfriend who has ALWAYS been there for me, giving me solace and inspiriting me to press on despite
all the mess I've been through (the "desert"). I see myself being the persona since I've always wanted to tell her how thankful I am to have her and that I treasure everything that she has done for me. She makes me see things that I sometimes take for granted to see.

---> Ralph Mendoza