Monday, January 24, 2005

Sweet Nothings

Jose Antonio Cangco finished with a degree in management and accounting, and had written poems published by the Philippine Panorama, Sunday Inquirer Magazine and Women's Journal, among others here and abroad. He has published a book of poetry, Fancy The Minstrel and Other Love Poems under the name Nonoy M. Cangco. In this poem, the persona talks about how his perception of love changed after he found his beloved. This poem is meaningful to me because it is able to express what someone feels after they’ve finally found their one true love.

Richmond Valdellon

Jose Antonio Cangco

In my life, I never knew
What love is until you came,
I thought 'twas the morning dew
Formed at night and mine to claim;
I thought it was like a leaf,
Name the day and it will fall,
Or like a grass on the cliff
It will bend though growing tall.
I saw it as no worries -
All sunshine, no rainy days,
Leisurely waves at the keys,
That's my love in many ways.
Then, you came into my life
Offering a fresh purpose,
I've noticed one little strife
Inside me came to a close;
This happiness that's to be,
Great with the love which you bring,
The grass, the leaf of the tree -
While away, the lovers sing.



elizab_a said...

I loved the way that the poem was lyrically written. It uses nature to depict how the persona thought love was. It was beautiful. Filled with happiness and no pain. "All sunshine, no rainy days". Yet, when he/she met his/her love it was even better that all that he/she thought that love was. It was all the beauties of nature and more because of the love that the other had to offer.
---> Marie Elizabeth Marguerite Lopez Aguirre

Anonymous said...

Many of the poems we read usually try to be smart and witty, but this poem is different because it is never pretentious, direct to the point and very sincere.

It is a very uplifting poem. The use of nature clearly evidenced the change in perception of the persona towards his environment.

Out of all the romantic poems, this is one or even the best so far. hehe.

- Carlsberg Tsang

Anonymous said...

yay, another poem that rhymes! :) This poem, though quite simple, is able to penetrate right to the heart. I'm sure most of us have had this feeling that everything seems brighter, more colorful, and essentially, more beautiful when you're in love.:)
-Thea Cuaso

Sofia Ma. Isabel O. Mathay said...

This poem caught my attention because of the way the poet describes his feeling towards his love. It gives emphasis to the simple things, and fleeting moments taken for granted and brings it to the surface. Love makes you treasure every simple thing and makes you see the world perfectly despite all its imperfections.

Anonymous said...

this is the kind of love that i want. hehe. -rachel canlas

Anonymous said...

i forgot, im a friend of melinda yoingco - rachel canlas