Monday, January 24, 2005

Hope Eternal

Jose Antonio Cangco had finished management and accounting, but he found time to write, particularly poems, some which were accepted or published by the Philippine Panorama, Sunday Inquirer Magazine, and Women’s Journal, among others here and abroad. He has published a book of poetry, Fancy The Minstrel and Other Love Poems. The persona hopes that someday, he/she will return to his/her loved one and everything will fall into place as it was before. I found this poem appealing since it reminds me that no relationship can ever be given up on, and no matter how far two people may have drifted apart, there is still hope in their heart of hearts that they will find each other again, literally and figuratively.

Phyllis Cortes

Jose Antonio Cangco

Let me say goodbye
Before the sun goes down,
Daubed light in the sky
Falls on the thistledown.

In these last moments,
I could smell the perfume
And the spicy scents
Of flowers abloom;

What makes the day long
When patience is not sweet?
The hearth I belong
Is empty with defeat:

Let me find my way
Where the lush violets grow,
And hope that someday
The road leads back to you.



Anonymous said...

I love a poem that i can somehow relate to. This one does. Here, the persona and her beloved must be parting ways. She chershes the moment because for me, i think she doesnt want their relationship to end. She probably just set her love one free because it is what he wants and that is what will make him happy. Still, she hopes...probably forever, that someday he will love her again.

--melinda p. yoingco, I-BS Comtech

Anonymous said...

The poem stuck me quite dearly about its message of boundless love. Just because one has to part ways with another doesn't necessitate the end of a relationship. True relationships thrive on distance or time apart.

-Michael A. Chua

Anonymous said...

I find the poem to be bittersweet. It's nice to know that the persona's love knows no bounds, but the poems feeling of "finality" is kinda depressing

-Joeffrey Barrios Jr.

Anonymous said...

I like this poem because it describes the sadness the persona feels in a parting of ways and at the same time it shows how the persona becomes hopeful that they will be together again someday. In the first part of the poem, the persona tries to hide his sadness by cherishing and thinking about the good things in life. However, in the later part of the poem, he admits that he will only find these good things when he and his loved one are together again.

EA Rogel
friend of Juan Paolo Bermundo