Monday, January 24, 2005

Upon Your Smile

Leo R. Hidalgo was born in Manila on Novermber 29, 1934. He finished his elementary, high school and Liberal Arts at San Beda College, and took up Law at the Ateneo de Manila. He is still new in the writing scene and his poem, 'Upon Your Smile', is featured in his first book collection, "My Taj Mahal" This poem renders the feelings involved in loving someone deeply. In the poem, the persona talks to Fel, and he explores the different intricacies of having to love and being loved. I like this poem because it speaks of the many facets of love and the comfort and ‘refuge’ it provides.

Carlsberg Tsang

Leo R. Hidalgo

Fill my sad soul with your ardor and light
End all the cold loneliness of the night
Loving all alone, and singing your song -
Yet you know, Fel, that's where I belong
My Heart feels the struggle and strife
O why is it, I having only one life?
Nectared, longing to be where you are
Thrilled by your touch, O my guiding star,
Embracing, serene, suspiring desire
Aroused in a moment, lost in your fire;
Go, end all my fears with one loving sigh
Until the rising sun brightens my sky
Deck with the ribbons, this frenzy of light
O love but one thru the long stormy night,
By gloom and grief, from care and sorrow free
Until we're lost in a Heavenly Spree,
Everything hinges upon your smile
Now swear, you will care for a long, long while,
O longer than the pyramids in the Nile!



Anonymous said...

The persona in the poem is fantasizing of a time when Fel, the persona's loved one will be coming to him and share his desire. He hasn't acquired Fel's love yet because in the poem, it is stated that

"Loving all alone, and singing your song -
Yet you know, Fel, that's where I belong
My Heart feels the struggle and strife
O why is it, I having only one life?"

Without her, the persona has been feeling depressed and confused. He longs to be where Fel is, to make love to her, make her feel his long, pent-up passion. And just that, being with her for a night, will "end all of his fears," and give justice to the struggles he has been through without her presence.

-Marvin Pedregosa

Anonymous said...

The phrase "You complete me" is very much similar to the theme of the poem. We see in the poem that Fel is the only thing that will fill the persona's emptiness. The persona has regarded Fel as his everything. The persona's quality of life and purpose purely depends on whether the persona will be able to experience love with Fel. The persona even promises Fel that their love will be far more greater and longer than the majestic Nile.

-Juan Paolo S. Bermundo

Anonymous said...

I can relate to this poem quite well. I know well that I am loved by many. Because of this, I feel complete and confident. Like in my everyday life, just a single greeting along the corridor already brightens my day. Truly, love does wonders to the human being. :)

-Joseph Padilla