Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Mr. Clay

*(a song is also considered a poem)
Bamboo, led by original Rivermaya vocalist Bamboo Mañalac, was among OPM’s biggest hitmakers of the year with the blockbuster hit “Noypi” from the band’s certified Platinum debut As the Music Plays.
This song talks about today's leaders of men of want belive that the best way to end violence is to use violence.
This song holds a lot of meanng nowadays especially now that war is currently ongoing in some parts of the world. Including our very own country.
Jeoffrey Barrios
Red sun dawn
Guns are drawn
Skull and bones
Beast of war
Father help me stop this
Rush of blood to the head
Look at you I see red
Start this game
I'll end it

By this hate that you help the world create
I've been sent, now repent
I'm the war that comes to you
The plague that follows through
All by myself, I know that I stand here alone
All your lies they feed me
I'm stronger now, stronger now than I was before
There's no way you can hurt me
Move me
Stop me
Talk too much mutherfucker hush
You had your chance to change things
Move in the direction of right
Choose to set the bar
But then you had to pick a fight
So what's daddy done for you lately?
Brought you the throne
Like stealing candy from a baby
Line your pockets in mucho dinero
Paid in full with the blood of the people
So now you got the fires rockin', blood and hate
Then you got the people talking legacy
You will never be forgotten
Your place in history
A black mark in time, a black mark in time
Peace and flowers
Will kill the superpower
The fall of Rome is near
Can't you hear
It's been written, it's been said
The revelations I had read
The signs are here
Those days are over
Walk away from the line
For now is the time


Ralph said...

This poem rocks because I say so. Haha. Seriously now, "Noypi" has become so famous, winning numerous awards and being on top of every song-hit chart, simply because of its nationalistic message and that is taking pride in what we are---Filipinos. The song has also become famous in its own right because it speaks to every Filipino, regardless of age, background, etc. When heard live, it is very catchy. It sells out in a positive sense. Hoooooooooy! :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this poem(song?) does rock! I like it 'cause it talks about countering violence with peace. Violence will never end violence. And you can sing along to it. hehe :p

-Ceferino Luta III

Anonymous said...

The poem or song has successfully made a contrast between peace and violence. A son or daughter (not specifically stated) has been used to show the effect of violence on every family especially on the families of the soldiers who fight for the country. It's good because it doesn't directly say that violence is BAD, it relays the feeling of sympathy for those directly affected. It gives impact.=)
- Gillian Valte

Ralph said...

(Since the poem changed from "Noypi" to "Mr. Clay", I will comment again..)

From my skewed perspective on rock music there just are not as many great songs for driving around at night with the windows down and the volume cranked up as there were in the good old days. However, one of the exceptions to the rule would be "Mr. Clay," the band's second single. It's an upbeat song, which contemplates on very pressing war hype around us. All in all, it exudes a strong conviction, with a mid-tempo feel to it, and even a rap part which make the song impossible to dislike. "Line your pockets in mucho dinero"? Hmm.. Ok. Que Bien? Ha.

I must say though... technicality wise, I prefer Kapatid rather than this "supergroup".

--> Ralph Mendoza