Monday, January 24, 2005


Aurelio S. Alvero (1913-1958) was born in Tondo, Manila. He was involved in numerous political causes and was even convicted of treason during the second world war. This poem talks about the risks involved in loving. It speaks of letting go of one’s personal concerns in order to fully grasp love’s beauty and magnificence. It is particularly meaningful to me as it bears witness to the power of love to compel people to let go of all rational things and have faith in what is intangible. Also, it tells of having the courage to go beyond our comfort zones, opening ourselves up, and the probability of discovering bigger things which might exceed our own expectations.

- Maura Rosario A. Gregorio

Aurelio S. Alvero

Your eyes were closed,
Your lips were sweet---
And one soft kiss
Meant joy complete.

Should I dare touch
Your lips with mine?
Could gods refuse
Such tempting wine?

If I should dare,
You’d angry be,
If I should not,
How cowardly!

And so while thoughts
Went to and fro,
I kissed--- and solved
The matter so.

Abad, Gemino H. (ed.), Manlapaz, Edna Z. (ed.) (1989). Man of Earth: An Anthology of Filipino
Poetry and Verse in English from 1905 to the Mid 50’s. Quezon City, Metro Manila: Ateneo de
Manila University Press.


Jessica Lace said...

Although this poem was simply written, it was able to convey how powerful love is. I like it because it proves how one can complete another person; a simple kiss would mean the whole world for the persona. It also shows how love allows one to be open and spontaneous. I admire the way the persona acted and showed his/her feelings, it is always important to be honest with your feelings because only then will one be truly happy or satisfied. -Jessica Evangelista

Anonymous said...

This poem successfully plays hesitation in the context of love. Though the possibility of kissing-and her-getting-angry is not impossible, this poem suggests that we must always express our true feelings. Because as the case in this poem, the kiss "solved the matter so".

- Carlsberg Tsang

Anonymous said...

A simple yet very strong poem. Simple words yet strong message. I particularly like the rhyming of the lines which adds to the “sweetness” of the poem. Indeed, a lot of risks are involved in entering a relationship but one should always “dare” even if the results turn out badly. As they all say; there’s no harm in trying. Personally, I believe that in entering a relationship, it is better to have failed in trying than not trying at all. Who knows just what the outcome might be.
-Richmond Valdellon

Anonymous said...

it's amazing... i'm not the type of person who appreciates poems but this one is something i like. it's simply written, however, it conveys a very beautiful message not just about love but about being inlove. it's as if your in the climax of deciding whether you'll fall for it or not. asteeeeg!!!

chinky lumbab--- friend of maxine p.
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