Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Healthy Angst (to the people in Edsa Shrine)

Ray Agudana is a weekly poet of the Philippine's Today.

The poem Healthy Angst is about the event of the Edsa Dos, wherein the Filipino people once again gathered around the Edse Shrine in order to fight for their rights and remove the president from power. This poem describes this very event as it begins with the setting of people on the streets. The poem ends with "once again bringing the moron down" stating that this was indeed the second edsa revolution with the moron being no other than our former president Joseph Estrada.

Marie Elizabeth Marguerite Lopez Aguirre

Healthy Angst
(to the people in Edsa Shrine)
Ray Agudana

Effecting change, as the masses
troop and occupy again
the streets in parliamentary
manner, not yet full blown
but is inching its way
brick by brick ... mortarized
by their convictions.

Militancy in the offing
as different political hues
converge in one place
as hatred and anger embolden
blazing the streets once again
bringing the moron down
to the mercy of the gutters.



Ralph said...

This poem is a good one not only because it indirectly call Erap or Marcos a moron, but also, it simply depicts the revolution quite well. Obviously, it alludes to EDSA (1 or 2) and how people woke up to the injustice around them, uniting with one conviction, that is go against the tyranny and dishonesty in the administration.

--> Ralph Mendoza

Anonymous said...

A strong poem for an important issue. Once again, we realize how much the "power of the people" can do. Being united to reach one single goal, that is for the betterment of our country, is proven to be effective.

--melinda p. yoingco, I-BS Comtech

Anonymous said...

The author's choice of words and structure made the poem effective. Though it tackles a fairly overplayed topic, the poem was still able to get me involved.
This is once again an issue of a corrupt government and people who "took matters in their own hands" and decided to speak up. In this event, the poem shows how effective we can be when united with of course a reason that spells - 'ERAP' (which was referred to as moron).

- Carlsberg Tsang

Anonymous said...

The poem encapsulates the things that happened in the two Edsa Revolutions. It describes how people were able to assemble like a separate government of their own because of their convictions. The poem reminds us that unity with the proper convictions can topple down a tyrant government.

Joby Batiller
Friend of Juan Paolo Bermundo