Monday, January 24, 2005


Jose Antonio M. Gangco has contributed numerous love poems to local print media which includes Philippine Panorama, Sunday Inquirer Magazine, and Women’s Journal. His poems were also published abroad, mainly in the United Arab Emirates where he worked with overseas contract workers. His poems generally have themes regarding the traditional, idealistic kind of love; and the poem “Eternity” is not an exception. Here, the persona talks about “consigning” memories to places which remind him of his loved one. So even though much time passes, the appearance and personality of his loved one won’t fade in his mind. I think this poem talks about an obvious truth that when we love, the simple details of our loved one’s face, the way they talk and walk among others won’t easily be taken away from our minds. Sometimes we feel that we just don’t want to forget the happiness and contentment that we derive from being just in their presence, to keep what we feel during those moments of gladness for eternity.

Marvin Pedregosa

Jose Antonio Gangco

My thoughts race ahead of me
When I'm coming from your home -
The rice fields I pass, the tea
Shrubs growing wild on the loam,
Become as a blur when I
See them. I would walk slowly,
But it's not to say goobdye
To these; rather, to firmly
Consign memories that may
Arise when we shall pass here.
Then, from the past to a day,
From likes to dislikes, from mere
Gestures or pitch of your voice,
The different tones of your
Face, I'll keep time and rejoice
My feelings forevermore.


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