Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Rey Agudana writes poems for The Phillipines Today
This poem describes the poet's harsh feelings for the former president, Joseph Estrada.

Neal Camiling

Rey Agudana
Like a pig baring its soul
as stakes are pushed down
its flesh, you scream in
frenzy, your pathetic authority.

Not on deaf ears as clueless
minds listen and cry with you
but still, stupidity is not
and meant not pose as an excuse

We should've drove the stake
to your heart and end it all
yet our mind is not as
calloused as yours ...

You continue to bleat and we also
scream in angst at our cultural naiveness
as we hope that you answer all accusations
and you die an agonizing death.



Anonymous said...

This is much like a hate poem, and you could already imagine the author writing the f word if it weren't for censorship's sake.

The inspiration of the poem is clearly evident and it is a sad realization of the 'cultural naiveness' of Filipinos. Filipinos are very emotional, and if there's a reason for 'Erap' not being dumb, it is because he knew how to appeal to the public's emotion quite well.

Anonymous said...

^ my comment above. Sorry I forgot to fill in my name.
- Carlsberg Tsang

Anonymous said...

I agree with Carls. The author sure has a lot of angst. I feel that the person the persona is referring to is someone who has political power. The presient perhaps?

-Joeffrey Barrios Jr.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes anger can blind a person. I'm not pro-Erap or something, but the poem is simply biased

-Leslie Mae Rivero