Friday, January 23, 2004

Crouched like a Lion

This poem, also by Paul Kekai Manansala, probably speaks about how the 'higher society' would manipulate the masses into thinking that they have the real power.

An event related to this poem is probaly the fairly recent 2004 elections. Did the voters really have a say or were the ballots rigged? Did many a politician pledge immediate 'pie in the sky' promises only to later forget it all until the very last day? Only the tigers of society know for certain.

Michael Chua

Paul Kekai Manansala

Crouched like a lion
ready to spring
the paupers rely on
the soldiering king

Eager to leap at the blink of an eye
on the pompous persons whose pride floats so high
Pride of the poor, feared by the rich,
he moves with a confidence, knowledge of which,
has shuddered his enemies down to their shoes
Is he for real, or is this simply a ruse?

As a tiger is bent
to spring on the prey
so he savors the scent
of the prey in dismay.


Anonymous said...

I think this poem expresses an inversion. It is usually the rich who has power, with control over what eventually happens. But in the poem, the poor is described as the tiger: cunning, angry, moving slowly, ready to attack. In my opinion, this describes the poor people's mounting hatred for those who are bathing in the country's money, enjoying the luxury, while the poor people starve, work, and still starve.
I also think that this poem expresses an important aspect of democracy: that the people really has the power. It's just that the representatives of the people are unconcerned of the marginalized. They don't know that someday, they will be ready to pounce, in rebellion to what has abused them continuously.

-Marvin Pedregosa

Anonymous said...

When one is in a position of leadership, he/she has the power to control a lot of things. This is why elections and other avenues where we can practice our democracy must be taken seriously. Unfortunately, in this country, people are being misled to think that "one vote" cannot change a society--- but it does, especially when that one vote is thought of as just "one vote" by many. -maura rosario a. gregorio

Jim said...

Democracy has been a pillar of the Philippines and the shield of the Filipinos to safeguard them from government abuse. Hence, like the tiger in the poem, the votes serve as the ticket to a better life. The people have the power to choose their leader, and “spring on” those politicians that commit anomalies. Unfortunately, the people lack “confidence and knowledge” to decide on whom to put to position because of luring advertisements, false deeds and bribery. Instead of the prey, the predator (people) lives, or stays, in dismay.
--Neil Jameson Sta. Isabel