Monday, January 31, 2005


Chesie Galvez graduated from UA&P BA Communication Arts and currently holds masteral degrees in English Literature and Cultural Studies in the Ateneo de Manila


Iwrite -
for the simple reason
I love -
for the noble reason
I will not -
for the painful reason

I must -
for the beautiful reason
I hope -
for the obvious reason
I know -
and it is for this reason
I end.

taken from: Haranya © 2002

This poem is a testament of how I... how WE, often think of something but can't really express it. this poem struck me because, in a way, it relates this manner of thinking of ours; and vague as it may seem, we - the readers somehow manage to understand

- Lian Valte -


vic_torpe said...

there are certain times when words elude our thoughts, but we still manage to convey what we mean... this poem is a testimony to that human capability

shaan said...

i guess it speaks about life in general. that people arent really the people the portray to be. that nothing seems real. science may prove man is real but thoughts can practically change a mans perception of everything. words certainly are not enough in expressing ones feelings. it is evident in the poem that man may be the smartest living creature but undeniably dumb in such a way that he cannot even show what he feels in a manner which everone understands. true, it is simple. everthing is simple. but nothing is simple when you cant express how simple it is.

Anonymous said...

- shaan - friend of maxine p. :)

Anonymous said...

This poem reminds me of... well... me! Being the silent-type, I am known for not being able to express feelings openly. It is true that I get what was being said in the poem. I just hope that people were more like the readers who readily understand this poem.

-Joseph Padilla

Anonymous said...

it's amazing how the words sounded obvious but it is rarely the case for people to think that way. Maybe because the words when used together in this arrangement sounds and means vague yet full of meaning.
-Leslie Mae Rivero

Anonymous said...

I think its a very nice poem...I believe it expresses clearly the feelings of a writer and his motivations to write. The author is very empathic and observant.

-Armand, friend of Marvin Pedregosa

Anonymous said...

'gives the feeling of the unexplainable. galeng! the perfect words for the feeling that can never be explained by words. oyen mendoza hates...este a friend of Jeoffrey Barrios, Jr.

Anonymous said...

Very tastely done, no over-bearing words that foster nonsense. Dead-on message and has an aura of emphaty to any reader splendid work madame

-Jeremie De Guzman Ateneo de Manila 1 BS-Bio friend of Ms. Melissa Santiago

francine fernandez, SOH, friend of maxine pagador said...

in the words of archibald macleish, a poem should be: "palpable and mute as a globed fruit, silent as the sleeve-worn stone of casement ledges where the moss has grown and wordless as a flight of birds". this poem fulfills every single one of these and more. kudos to the author!:D

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