Monday, January 31, 2005

Once, But Only Once

Jayvee Carillo Fernandez is a graduate of UA&P (batch 2002) and is an avid contributor to their lit folios. He is a poet, composer, stage actor, and has recently explored the realm of directing.

Once, But Only Once

Once, but only once at night
I dream to wake in sober delight,
To smell sheltered flowers
And chase the flight of birds.

Once, but only once at dawn
I impose my soul in helpless fright,
To ask for endless mercy
And cry tearless tears.

Once, but only once at day
I forget the night and her fragile dismay
To smell real flowers,
To cry real tears.

taken from: Haranya © 2002

This poem reminds me of the current financial crisis we filipinos are suffering from. We have our dreams of a good life but come daylight - these dreams just vanish and reality takes its toll.
- Lian Valte


vic_torpe said...

day or night.. it doesn't matter when you cry. crying should flow from the depths of one's self. and feeling shoyuld be as natural as breathing. otherwise, we live in our own dreamworlds... dying alive.. living like dead.

Anonymous said...

Time seems to elapse so easily through this poem as each moment gives way to the impending future. The persona is repressed in his condition wherein dreams are hampered by the weight of reality. The past and the present become irrelevant and hope becomes the remaining remedy. Tears serve as the emotional means to adapt to circumstances. This shows the stark realism where people yearn for the fairness in life and the genuine emotions life has to offer, not as a result of fear or hardship.

--rachel de mesa

Anonymous said...

People think optimistically to help them through situations in life but sometimes they just need to deal with life itself. It's so sad to think that happiness and dreaming happen so fast while despair and reality happens so slow. Maybe that is really how things work. Bad things let you feel worse and good things make you feel better by manipulating the pace of time.
-Leslie Mae Rivero

Anonymous said...

Reality hits during the day, and all people could do is wonder and dream at night, beyond the silence that the atmosphere creates. There's no harm wishing and hoping... and sometimes "once" is already enough to satisfy the wish.

Lizel, friend of Joeffey "Bojeck" Barrios Jr.

Anonymous said...

The poem expressed the way humans escape the harsh and sometimes painful reality. A dream becomes a medium of escape where the word "impossible" can't be included. Nothing is bad about dreams because in reality, nothing is lost when a person dreams.
--enrikfort villanueva
'friend of james sta. isabel